Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's New

Oh my oh my!!!  So many things are just rolling in and out the door that I can't keep up with my postings.  Sorry about that!

Anyhoo, here are what's here but some are already gone to their new forever homes.  Magnolia pirates and fairies and weddings, new girly girly paper from a new line that I brought in from CHA, new CC designs are in and coming in again soon, and so much more that you gotta come in I tell ya.

Thanks for all your support, I truly appreciate it in this crazy economy.  Hope to see you soon.


  1. Hi Cyn! I may have to come in soon! LOL! BTW, I think I need another got any more? LOL!

  2. Hi Claudette, I am all out of the storages but I have more coming in soon, hopefully next week. They sure sold out really fast. Thanks for mentioning it on your blog, I really appreciate it.

    Thanks and see you soon.

  3. Oh hey Cyn! Didn't see you reply to this. I sent you an email just a while ago asking if you could please hold one of the storage for me when they come in? Would really appreciate it and hope I was able to get you more customers!



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