Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Girls Day RAKs

Again, I am so lucky to have talented and wonderful stamp friends/customers.  Check these out.

From Shirley, such a wonderful card and oishi mochi. 

Charlene, again with her wonderful gift.  The goodies are already gone. 


Thank you my wonderful friends.  Hope you all had a wonderful Girls Day.  Hope to see you soon.


  1. Happy B-lated Girls Day Cyn! Guess what? I totally forgot about it and got reminded of it from blog hoppin' on the local scene! Poor daughter got a small gift . . . last minute! :) Anyway, will stop by the store sometime soon!

  2. My daughter too, she didn't get anything from me. Not that I forgot, but she always gets the brunt end of things as I am always busy making things for other people. But, she knows she is my best girl.

    Tell the kiddies hi for me and see you soon.


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