Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank you so much for my RAK

I am totally blessed to have such wonderful customers who I can call my friends make me these gorgeous RAKs and to share with me.  Check them out, they are lovely.

Jenny, great meeting you and I love your RAK and the goodies inside is so yummy.

Charlene, love this tic tac booklet.  All the tic tacs are gone, but will keep the cute outside forever.  Thanks for being such a wonderful customer/friend.  

Again, thank you so much.
Thanks and see you soon.


  1. You are so welcome, I'm glad you like it! I am so happy to finally check out your store and meeting you. I really enjoy my copic holder, but I think I need one more. Can't wait till the Magnolia Easter set arrive. See you soon!

  2. Cyn, these are so cute!! There's so much talent here on the islands!! I gotta come out to visit your store some time soon.

  3. Hey ManLe, wonderful to hear from you. Sorry I missed all of you guys at the Scrap Jam, I was so looking forward to going. Hope you guys had a great time. I would love for you to come visit, can't wait to see you. Yes, we are very lucky and blessed to have such wonderful and talented ladies and guys who share their talent with us.


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