Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Card Face Off

with Colin and Tara.  Colin won with the most votes, but I think Tara did a great job on her card too, so in my eyes, they are both wieners...I mean winners!!!

Here are the pics of them.

Colin busy at work.

Tara, busy at work???

Tara's card on left and Colin's on right.

Tara and Colin's creations.

Colin with another card he made that day, he was busy!!!

Of course, Tara couldn't let him make another card without making another one of her own...

Friendly competition never killed anyone.  Stay tuned for the next Card Face Off!!!  Thanks to my many customers who got coerced (bullied) into voting for which card they liked better.  Yes, Colin was the winner.

Thanks and hope to see you soon.

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