Friday, October 15, 2010

Magnolia Merry Little Christmas Collection

Hi all,

Okay, these are ready to pre-order and pre-pay.  I am only ordering 6 of each design for first 6 people to order will get it.  Email me what you want.  Sorry it is humbug as the online ordering is not ready yet.  Last day to place an order is next week Saturday, 10/23. 


Addendum:  Hi all.  My phone (625-0077) should be working in a couple days.  Please call and leave a message if you would like me to hold any of the stamps below.  Again, very limited quantities and first come first gotten.  When the stamps arrive I will have an open house at the "store" and you all can come and shop.  

Thanks and see you soon.  Cyn

Angel Tilda $12.50

Sitting Angel Tilda $12.50

Tilda w/Amaryllis $12.50

Vintage Ornaments $12.00

Cool Santa $12.50

Edwin's Package $12.50

Flyng Angel Tilda $12.50

Gingerbread Tilda $12.50

Holly Swirl $12.50

Jolly Tilda $12.50

Lightning Edwin $12.50

Lucia Tilda $12.50

Text, big enough for images to sit on $12.50

Peppermint, images can sit on $12.50

Reindeer Tilda $12.50

Santa Edwin $12.50

Secret Tilda $12.50

Smooth Fir $12.50

Snowy Hug $14.00

Sparkling Snowflakes $12.00

Starlight Tilda $12.50

Star Tilda $12.50

Tilda & Edwin Dancing $13.50

Tilda Hanging Ornaments $12.50

Tilda in Christmas Coat $12.50

Tilda in Winter Night $12.50

Tilda on Ornament $12.50

Tilda Wants a Hug $12.50

Tilda with Christmas Letters $12.50

Tilda with Christmas Ribbon $12.50

Tilda with Fir $12.50

Tilda with Hanging Heart $12.50

Tilda with Hanging Star $12.50

Tilda with Violin $12.50

Vintage Tilda $12.50

Wishful Armchair $14.00


  1. I'd like to order Tilda w/hanging heart pls. Let me know how to pay you. Thanks Cyn!

  2. Hi Kyoko, thanks for the order. The stamps should be coming in soon and as soon as it does I will have an open house at the "store" for you all to purchase. I will be sending an email out soon. I will definitely hold that one stamp for you.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hey Cyn, I have an order for you is there still time or are all the spots gone.. Call me...Miss you!



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