Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Do you all love Suze Weinberg?  I do.  I am taking pre-sign ups for class.  She will come if there is an interest. Suze is a dear dear friend of mine and she has taught for me several times when I had my "old" MunchKins store. 

Please call the store at 625-0077 if interested in taking classes.   No details yet but she will teach 3-4 classes over a weekend.  Cost is not set but this is a lifetime opportunity to take classes from a very talented and wonderful crafter.  Call soon as it will be first come first reserved, and when details are set I will call the people on the list first.  When I call, unless your seat is paid you are not guaranteed a spot.

Thanks everyone and see you soon.


  1. Oh, I remember her "Stand Up and Shout" class at your "old" store!!! That is still one of my all time favorite cards. Do you have any idea which month she would come? Would it be this year or early next year? So exciting!!!

  2. Thanks Donna, yes one of my favorite also. She is such an awesome teacher and just plain fun. Not sure if it will be this year or early next year, still trying to iron out the details. I just hope there is enough of an interest or else I won't be able to bring her down.

    Thanks again.

  3. yes, i remember taking a great class from Suze at your "old" store. We used the 4 matchboxes to make a table with little legs, and then all this "stuff" on top, layer, after layer.
    it was her ultra thick embossing powder!! back then it was NEW!!
    how exciting that she may come again :)

  4. Hi Cyn; I called and left a message to tell you that I would be interested in the Suze Weinberg class. Please put me on the list, I'd love to attend.
    How are you doing?

  5. Stephanie, yes I love that table card, great one and great techniques.

    Wayna, sorry I didn't get back to you but I got you on the list for her classes and will let you know when I get more info. Thanks so much.



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