Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CHA Here We go

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that Jordan and I will be gone at CHA.  We leave early Friday morning and get back late Wednesday night, 1/22 to 1/27.  I will be back in the store on Thursday, 1/28.  I can't wait to show you all the neat things that I will see and learn.  Please visit the store after I am back so I can share with all of you.  The store will be open while I am gone and my eldest son, Eric, will be at the store.  I do have lots of things coming in while I am gone so make sure to come in and check it out.

Please keep checking the blog while I am at CHA as I will try to post pictures and/or videos every night.

Thanks and see you soon.


  1. Have a safe journey, Cyn! Looking forward to seeing you when you return...

  2. Have fun Cyn! I'll be looking for your pics and videos too . . . can't wait to hear all about your trip and all that you will be sharing with us!


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