Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here are the cards so far!

They are gorgeous.

This one from Mel (member of DT).

This is from Karen (North Shore Craft Girl, also on my DT).

From Kyoko (another DT member) you see a trend happening?  :>

From Leona (another DT member)...

From Maribeth (another DT member)...

From Ilissa (who should be on the DT, but don't wanna hoo)

So here are the 6.  Still need cards from That Guy, Jenny V, and Grace.  We added one more girl and I am gonna call her "little miss" and she belongs to That Guy and Karen (NSCG).  So even # of 10.  Grace, That Guy, and little miss will be giving me their cards by Tuesday, 7/27.  Jenny V can you give me an email and let me know when you can get your cards in by?

Thanks everyone and as always, see you soon.

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